The personal emergency kitAs far as calling this part of your emergency kit personal, it mainly comes down to things that are specifically pertaining to you, and not items of clothing that can be related to bespoke wedding dresses or shoes, etc. Looking for couture wedding gowns? Tatiana Porembova is one of the leading designers of bespoke wedding dresses in London and her work spans a range of styles and influences. Of course, this isn’t to say this is guaranteed to cover the entirety of what you may need on the day, but having these basics to hand will help set your mind at ease.

Things that should be included are: measuring strip, sandpaper (in case a dress could get caught on one of those outdoorsy decorative pieces), medicine in case of a headache, replacement batteries and camera cards, extra paper clips and safety pins too. . These don’t have to be large, and can easily be combined with the rest of the necessities listed below.

The practical emergency kitWhen it comes to the practicalities of managing any sort of minor issue on your big day, you’ll need very different things from the personal items above. This part covers things that are useful in the sense of sorting out a loose thread on bespoke wedding dresses, or cleaning scuff marks off shoes or accessories. The kit can be personalised for the bride or the bridal party and can even have lipsticks and makeup accessories in each individual kit to match the lady in question.Once all the organisation is complete for the biggest day of your life – from the choice of of bespoke wedding dresses to the venue for the reception – it’s wise to take stock and consider a little list of all the things you may need on the day itself.

This vital little kit has all the basics: makeup remover, hairspray, deodorant, cotton buds, mouthwash, nail polish, plasters, lotions and more. Copper-clad aluminium copper A wedding day emergency kit is something you should have prepared, just in case, even if you don’t ever have to use it – it’s far better to be safe than sorry! These items can be divided into a few categories: personal, practical, and extras. Based in Richmond, she creates beautiful bespoke bridal gowns and bridesmaids outfits to provide the perfect garments for the perfect day.